Our purpose is to be with you today,
for a better tomorrow.

Mutual Life is a multi national insurance company that offers individual, family and group life, funeral cover of up to R 100 000 to South African nationals and foreigners nationals living in South Africa.


We’re a savings, retirement and insurance business.

Life is complicated. Things don’t always go to plan. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time so we are here for people when it really matters, throughout their lives.

Our customers don’t have to worry about the bumps in life’s road. They can count on us to help plan the journey and, if something goes wrong, we will be with them to put it right.

Our Story

Serving the South African Market since 2008

Mutual Life was founded by born out of the dedication of a handful of men and women, led by Thomas Jay Ellis, whose dream was to transform a small mutual insurer from South Africa into a world leader in the insurance industry and offer inclusive and affordable insurance, savings, investment and healthcare products .


Mutual Life promotes responsible customer relations through clear and transparent communication, marketing of our products, and responsible claim handling and processing


Mutual Life’s responsibility towards our shareholders includes ensuring the long-term viability of the company through sound and transparent corporate governance and a culture of innovative approach to business

Corporate Responsibility

Our approach to integrating long term environmental, social and governance factors into our business is based on detailed performance indicators that are reviewed every year Our company is guided by principles that drive our growth and everyday interactions.

Why Us?

At Mutual Life you are not just a policy holder, you are bigger than a client.
You are part of our family.

Mutual Life exists to be with people through all phases of their lives and when it really matters. We are here to help them make the most of life.

At Mutual Life, we understand that what you do today creates a better tomorrow, By looking out for each other and being part of something bigger, together we create the future we all want to live in, By caring more today, we can leave a legacy to be proud of.

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

As a business owner who employs a number of foreign nationals, Mutual Life has helped me offer my employees added benefits such as funeral cover, since it's difficult to find cover for foreign nationals in South Africa , I'm thank full for Mutual Life's affordable Group Scheme
James Van Wyk
Mutual Life's Mutual Wealth has helped me grow as a person by giving me tools to save and grow my money, by putting a little bit away each month i know that when i decide to go back home to India my future is protected
Rakesh Naidoo
I'm a single dad born and breed in South Africa, having been raised by uGogo i saw the hardships of unplanned funeral expensive first hand, which is why i decided to take out a Mutual Life Funeral policy of R100 000 for my daughter, if anything happens to me i know she will be protected by my funeral cover and her R250 investment policy i have with Mutual Life Wealth makes me sleep better at night
Themba Lunga
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