I’m I protected as a consumer and policy holder –Mutual Life is underwritten by an authorised ┬áregistered financial service provider and it’s compliance officer is one of the biggest compliance and auditing firm in South Africa this guarantees that all claims are paid out and benefits dispatched as advertised

How do I claim

Claim can be made 24/7 through in store/online and telephonically ,Claim documents can be submitted,Affiliate Offices or  via our online portal and paid out within 48hours

What is Mutual Invest

Mutual Invest is a benefit designed into help you save money ,you can add any amount of money you want saved per month to your policy and after the maturity date you can withdraw the money or reinvest it (interest terms and conditions are inline with standard gazzetted interest) Ask your broker for more information

Can I cover my family from another country

Yes you can cover your family who are residing in another country

Is Mutual Life a registered Company

Yes mutual life is registered in south Africa and adhere to all regulations and is also underwritten by a FSP registered company this guarantees that you will receive all the monies promised and enjoy all the policy benefits as advertised

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