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A Funeral cover from Mutual Life Insurance means more than just a payment when you or a loved one passes away, we go above and beyond to help your family adjust with a number of benefits that aim to eaze the loss of loved one.

Getting a cover is simple , go though our price list and decide on which cover you can afford and select the button that says open a policy, fill in your details, click submit and you’re done.


Mutual Life Funeral Cover Plans offer Family Funeral Cover of up to R 100 000, you can cover your spouse and up to 6 biological children on a single premium, extended family members get covered for 50% of your policy for an additional R50 per extended family member.


Mutual Life offers Body Repatriation services to all policy holders and covered family members, meaning you can be buried in your own country 


At Mutual Life Insurance we cover individuals and families from all countries regardless of their nationality.


Your policy becomes paid up when the policy holder passes away or retires at 65, his or her family members will remain covered for 50% of the original cover and they are not required to pay additional premiums.


This is not medical aid, it is an added benefit that is available to policies valued from R 50 000, the policy holder will get R200 a day as hospital cover for each day he or she spends in hospitals for at least 3 days up to 5 days


A premium holiday is a benefit that allows you to skip premium payments for up to 3 months and still enjoy the full benefits of your cover, your policy has to be active for at least 12 months to receive this benefit.


Cash back benefit is a benefit offered to all policy holders that gives you 10% of your premiums back every 3 years if you are claim free. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes you can get a funeral cover regardless of the country you were born in, All nationalities are welcome to join, Mutual Life Insurance accepts all Foreign Nationals in South Africa.

The is a pricing table in light blue below this section kindly look at your age and go to that line , the monthly premiums will be under the cover amount in the line of your age group.

For example if you are 45 years old, you go to the line that says 40 Р49 and on that line, as you move to the right you will start seeing amounts, each amount has a value on top EG. R20 000, R30 000 etc each cover amount will correspond with a lesser amount under it and that amount will be your monthly premium. 

No you don’t need any special documents to join, you just need to provide us, with accurate information to identity you such as passport number or a valid I.D Number from your county of birth, Status or Asylum Number, make sure these can be found and provided when you need to claim

Any one of these is acceptable.

You can cover yourself, your spouse and up to 6 biological children on one price plan.

Extended Family members such as brothers, cousins, uncles and aunts up to the age of 65 can be added to your policy for R 50 per person and they will be covered for half the full cover, meaning if you and your children are covered for R 10 000, extended family members will be covered for R 5000

Yes we transport the remains of the deceased to the place or country of burial at no extra charge to you, however we do not provide coffins

Check this out , It's now easy to get affordable cover from Mutual Life

Mutual Life is a South African based Insurance company that offers individual family and group life, funeral cover of up to R 100 000 to South African and Foreign nationals living in South Africa.

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